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ADB Android | Download and Installation in Windows 10 | ADB Android Commands

ADB Android: – In simple words, ADB is a command-line interface which can be used to perform tasks on your android phone using pc. In this post, I will tell you about some important adb android commands that you should know.

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and it helps you to further control your android smartphone with any pc and a USB cable.

Using ADB, you can do things like installing any app, shell access, unlocking bootloader and more.

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You will get to know more about this tool when you start using this tool and interact with it using its commands.

However, you will not be able to use its full features if your smartphone is not rooted.

So, first, we need to install ADB on your pc.

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Download and Install Android ADB in Windows 10

Click on the below link to download the ADB tools in your pc.

Download Android ADB

You need to extract the zip file in your pc anywhere you want.

Go to the extracted folder named platform-tools, press and hold shift button and then right-click anywhere with mouse, you will get general options with a new option Open Command Window Here, click on it.

For those who already know about this, you need to open the command prompt in this folder.

Now let’s move further to some adb commands and what are their uses.

Note:- Please turn on USB Debugging mode in your android phone before using this tool.

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Note:- If you face any problem while installing and using this tool, another solution is to install android sdk.

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ADB Android Commands

adb devices

It will show you a list of connected android devices with your pc using USB Cable. You will be able to see serial number of connected devices

adb reboot

Reboot your device in normal mode using pc.

adb reboot recovery

Reboot your device in recovery mode for installing custom ROM or flashing.

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adb reboot bootloader

Reboot your phone in bootloader and fastboot mode. You can use this to unlock bootloader of your phone which further can be used to do more interesting tasks.

adb reboot fastboot

Reboot your device in fastboot mode and directly go for fastboot mode instead of first going to bootloader mode and then fastboot.

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adb push

This command is really useful because it is used to transfer files to your android phone from your pc.

Syntax of this command is adb push full_source_path full_destination_path. An example of how to use this command is below.

adb push F:\server.txt /sdcard/new-folder/

adb pull

Pull command is used to download or copy any file from your android phone to your pc. This can be helpful in many situations.

I know you are thinking of downloading gesture file using this command to hack screen lock patterns.

Anyway, the syntax of this command is adb pull file_location destination_folder. Here’s an example of this command.

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adb pull /sdcard/new-folder/server.txt F:\

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adb install

Using adb install command, you can install any app in your android smartphone just by providing it the location of apk file.

Hacker’s also use this to install malicious virus and Trojan apps in a victim’s smartphone.

Syntax of this command is adb install location_of_apk. Have a look at the example.

adb install F:\WhatsApp.apk

adb remount

If you decide anytime to remount to your entire android system, you can do this using this adb remount command.

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adb uninstall

You can also uninstall any app from your phone using this command.

Start an Activity

You can start any app or any activity with the activity manager using adb commands. Syntax of command is below.

adb shell am start -n package-name/.activityname

adb shell

You will get an interactive Linux command-line interface (shell) using adb shell command.

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adb forward

You can set up port forwarding using forward command. It will forward any port in your localhost (your pc) to any port on remote host (your android phone) easily.

Syntax of this command is adb forward Localhost_Port RemotHost_Port. Have a look at the example below.

adb forward tcp:4444 tcp:8888

Now it will forward connections of port 4444 in your localhost to port 8888 in your phone.

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adb connect

If usb cable method is not working, you can also connect adb to your device using wifi with the help of adb connect command.

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Syntax of this command is adb connect ip_address. Process of using this command is little different, let’s have a look at how to use this command.

First, connect your phone using USB and issue the adb devices command.

Then we need to restart it in tcp ip mode using below command on port 5555 (any port that you want to use).

adb tcpip 5555

Now, let’s connect to the phone using this command.

adb connect

More is coming

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This adb android tool is really useful and interesting according to me but learning about only these adb android commands not enough.

I will very soon, share some more interesting android adb tutorials and commands. Till then, stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on our facebook page and twitter.

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