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How To Learn Ethical Hacking

How To Learn Ethical Hacking: – Many followers and our readers want to learn Ethical Hacking and most of them are complete beginners to hacking and this cybersecurity field. In this post, I will tell you how to learn ethical hacking.

In most of the messages received on my facebook page, I noticed some things that you are a beginner to ethical hacking, you ask about hacking FB/insta account of your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend even husband/wife. Another thing is that my friend, you are confused about where you should start.

If that’s your problem, don’t worry. I have a solution for this.

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I will share my personal experience of how I started with ethical hacking and how you can start learning ethical hacking.

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How To Learn Ethical Hacking

There are 4 main approaches to learning ethical hacking if you are a complete beginner.

  1. If you are facing many problems in your starting days of learning ethical hacking and if you have some budget, I suggest you join a beginners course in ethical hacking. So which one? let me tell you the best and cheapest ethical course.

This Ethical Hacking course has 128 hd video with in depth explanation. Its completely for beginner.

CEHv10 Course

Certified Ethical Hacking course is available now at very cheap price. If you are a complete beginner to Ethical Hacking and want to learn & grow in the field of Ethical Hacking then this course is for you. 

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Learn How to hack any android phone, IOS phone, any windows, linux, mac system, website and much more with this best beginner to advanced level ethical hacking course.

Click Here to Access the CEHv10 Course now

2. The problem is you will be confused many times while learning ethical hacking. After getting a beginners course in ethical hacking and learning from an experienced mentor by any institute, you will get experience plus it will help you to build a base.

Once your base is strong enough, everything will be easy for you to learn.

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The second strategy is that you should start with books. Yes! there are some good books on ethical hacking for complete beginners. You can download them from our site.

Here’s the list of ebooks arranged in series in which you need to read them.

  • Hackers Underground Handbook – written in completely easy language and takes a minimum of 2 days to complete according to me.
  • Syngress: Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing – Your next step is this ebook.
  • Penetration Testing With Kali Linux
  • Advanced Penetration Testing

Download All 4 E-Books

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  1. The third strategy is to search for a youtube channel where they explain everything step by step in easy-to-understand language and practical. There are lots of them.

I am sure, you will find at least one channel or playlist on youtube which is comfortable with you.

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Learn Ethical Hacking With Me

Learn With Me– On my site, I post tutorials, articles, images and much more about Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing, plus whenever you need any help, you can directly mail me or send me a message on my facebook page, facebook group, Instagram, twitter.

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So, when I started learning ethical hacking 6 years ago. I too got confused about many things. Then I used the 1st and 2nd approach that I mentioned above and it really easy becomes for me to learn anything related to ethical hacking.

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Conclusion (It’s Important)

Practice makes men perfect. You must practice everything you learn every day and stop trying to learn to hack FB/Insta accounts, be a genuine ethical hacker.

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So, my dear friends, it’s my answer to your question of how to learn ethical hacking.

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