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How To Get Exact Location of Anyone Using Kali Linux

Get exact location of anyone using kali linux: There are various online sites that you can use to get location of anyone, but none of them gives you an exact or accurate location. So, in this post, I will show you how to get exact location of anyone using kali linux.

As I said, you can use online sites (like IP Geolocation) to spy on someone’s location, but they don’t provide you accurate data about the location, instead, they provide you the ISP information and location.

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But I will be showing you guys the best method to get the exact location of anyone just by sending a link with the help of Kali Linux and a script named Seeker.

Yes, you heard right. Using just a link, we can get anyone’s location easily when they open that link in any browser which has the permission of location access.

If your victim is dumb enough, he/she will allow the browser to access the location but sometimes it doesn’t work in case your victim has denied access to the location.

Ohk! So, we are going to do this with the help of python script names Seeker and Kali Linux.

So without wasting any time, let’s start.

How to Get Exact Location of Anyone Using Kali Linux

Step 1- Our first step would be to download the script and install dependencies in kali linux. Open the terminal in Kali Linux and enter below command in it.

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git clone

install seeker

Step 2- Once downloading is completed you will have a new folder named seeker in the directory where you executed the command in the first step.

So just enter below command to navigate to that folder.

cd seeker

Now, we need to install dependencies. Type below command and press enter.


Now it’ll start installing its dependencies, it might take some time. So, grab a cup of coffee and sit because in the next step we are going to nail it.

step 2

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Step 3- Let’s create a link now. But listen to me first.

In this script, you can get a link with a subdomain, which looks more trustful, so I recommend you to use –s while using this script, to create a link with any subdomain.

Type below command in terminal and hit enter.

python3 –s subdomain

python3 – Using the python version 3 to use this script. – name of script

-s – used to get a customized link with the desired name or subdomain

You can replace subdomain in the above command with the name of any site (like google) to get more trustworthy looking URL.

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Anyway, you will get a URL after executing this command.

got url

Now, you need to send this URL to your victim, whose location you want to know.

Once your victim opens the URL, and grant permission, you will get exact Longitude and Latitude of their location that you can use on google maps to pinpoint their exact location.

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You can also click on google maps URL (it provides with longitude and latitude) to get the location.

Yes, this script provides you the exact location of anyone just sending a link, but it has some drawbacks too.

It won’t work if the user doesn’t grant permissions and sometimes because of any technical issue in server or victim’s phone it won’t work.

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Using this method, you can get the exact location of anyone just by sending a link to your victim.

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