how to download photos and video from instagram on pc

Instaloader : How To Download Photos and Videos From Instagram on PC

Instaloader:- Instagram is the most famous multimedia sharing social media platform these days. However, you can not download or save offline any Instagram video or photo in your pc without a screenshot. I will share with you a python script named Instaloader to download Instagram videos and photos in your pc.

Instagram is gaining more exposure and users than any other social media platform out there(or at least its happening in my locality). Everyone is sharing their photos, videos, and stories. There are lots of informational, personal as well as entertaining content too on Instagram like memes. Learn how to download Instagram videos on pc.

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You can watch stories and scroll through your feed. But you can not save them offline. There are some extensions that you need to install or apps for your smartphone which you can use to download content from Instagram.

But what about pc, how are you gonna do this in your pc. So, far I have tried some extensions and tools to download Instagram videos and photos in pc but found the only one which I will be sharing with you shortly.

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Download Instaloader –Download Instagram Videos and Photos in PC

Instaloader is a cross-platform tool. A python script to download content from Instagram. It’s a command-line tool written using Python 3. So you need to install python 3 to run and use this script.

Download Python 3

Then you can download Instaloader script from here.

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Download Instaloader

How to Download Instagram videos on pc using instaloader

Once you downloaded the zip file of the script follow these simple steps to use this tool to download content from Instagram.

Step 1-> Extract the zip in a folder and then open the command-line tool (CMD for windows and Terminal for Linux) in that extracted folder or navigate into this extracted folder in the command-line tool.

Step 2->We need to set up this tool using this command.



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Step 3-> Once it’s installed you can use this command to download the content of any insta profile.

python –login user-name –stories profile_username

Replace user-name with your username and profile_username with the username of the targeted profile whose content you wish to download.

It will also ask your password after execution for authentication. Once authentication is done. It’ll start downloading.

instaloader download photos and video from instagram on pc

Once it’s done downloading. You will get a new folder in the extracted folder with the name of targeted profile’s username.

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How to Download Instagram Photos on Pc using Instaloader

Repeat step 3 from above to download photos too. You can download both videos and images along with their hashtags, captions, and metadata using instaloader tool.

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When you come across a profile on Instagram online with amazing content and you wish to download all of it. That’s where this tool is going to help you. You can download Instagram photos and videos on your windows pc, Linux and Mac using this python script.

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