hack front camera of any phone

How To Hack Front Camera of Any Phone

Remotely Capturing Photo: Using this method you can remotely hack your victim’s smartphone and secretly capture selfies or photos from their front camera just by sending a link and a little social engineering.

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We will use a tool named saycheese by thelinuxchoice on github. This script will generate a malicious HTTPS page using ngrok or serveo for port forwarding over the internet.

This malicious page has a javascript code for camera requests with the help of  MediaDevices.getUserMedia and it will capture photos using the victim’s front camera.

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So that’s how it works. Now let’s move to the process of using this tool in Kali Linux.

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How To Hack Front Camera of any Phone

Step 1- Open your terminal in Kali Linux and use the below command to download the tool from Github.

git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/saycheese.git

Step 2- Now you have a new folder named saycheese navigate to this folder and execute the saycheese.sh file, like this.

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cd saycheese


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Step 3- You will see port forwarding options when you start this tool. You will have two options, serveo or ngrok.

Now, the serveo doesn’t work sometimes and you might face some problems with this method.

So, I recommend you to use ngrok method. Type 2 and hit enter to select the ngrok method.

choose port forwarding method

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Step 4- It will take less than a minute to start the server and then you will see ngrok URL to access the server over the internet.

hack front camera

Copy this URL and send to your victim. Once your target opens the URL, it will ask for camera permission (that’s where you need a little social engineering trick).

As soon as your victim clicks on allow, you will keep receiving photos captured from their front camera without knowing them in every 3 or 5 seconds until you turn off the tool and server by pressing ctrl+c or your target closes the tab and browser.

front camera hacked

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You can remotely capture selfies and photos using this method from your victim’s smartphone.

In the next post, we will learn to use Drop.it framework.

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