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2 Best Methods of SMS Bombing using Android and Kali Linux

SMS Bombing using Android: Have you ever received lots OTP messages under 3 or 5 minutes. That’s what we call SMS bombing attack. I will show you how prankster, your friends and even you can do this easily that how you can perform sms bombing using android device and python script in kali linux.

I didn’t updated my site with some pranks recently so i thought this would be nice to share. Of course we all love to do pranks and fun with our friends

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For those who doesn’t know, sms bombing is trick or say a technique in which you send lots of messages to specific targeted phone number under minutes.

There are lots of apps and programs for sms bombing. You can find them online. I will show you only two methods of doing so which is using an android app and a python script in linux (in case that app doesn’t work for you).

Without any further explanation and delay i would like to start now.

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