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3 Best Android RAT Tools to Hack Android Phone Remotely Download Now

Best Android RAT:- I have published many articles on my blog regarding android hacks, best apps, and other things like best rat for android. This one is a compilation of the best android RAT tools to hack android phones remotely.

So I noticed that there are some completely new beginners on our blog who wants to learn ethical hacking. For them, I would like to explain what a rat tool is in a small and simple definition.

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RAT stands for Remote Administration Tool (some guys also call this Remote Admin Trojan). It’s to get full control over any system or device remotely.

We published tutorials for the three best android RATs to hack any android phone easily and those are Spynote, Ahmyth and L3MON RAT. Our last article was about the process of installing, setting up, and using the android L3MON RAT. All the RAT tools I am mentioning here on my list do have GUI and they are really easy to use.

If you are planning to download and taste them right now. I would suggest you turn off your antivirus. Otherwise, you will not be able to download and use them. Antivirus will automatically delete them. 

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However, it’s extremely harmful to use such tools. Please use them at your own risk. I will not be responsible if you cause any harm to anyone in any way using these tools and techniques mentioned on this website.

This is just an intro to the best android rat tools. The download link along with its uses tutorial is also there. So, here we go.

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How To Learn Ethical Hacking

Best Android RAT Tools Download

List of best android rat tools.



We are gonna start with this one. Which is useful but its really hard to set up this best rat for android. L3MON RAT is built in the Node JS framework. It’s a cross-platform tool, you can download and use this android rat tool in Windows, Linux, and Mac too. All you need is a server, node js and java installed to run this tool and you are good to go.

Download and Learn How to Use L3MON RAT

2. Ahmyth RAT

Ahmyth is one of the best android rat I have ever tried in my life. Even L3MON rat’s trojan part is built on the top of ahmyth. Compared to L3MON, ahmyth is easy to set up and use. It’s available to download and use in Linux and windows. But I recommend you to use it in Kali Linux only. 

Download and Learn How To Use Ahmyth RAT

3. Spynote

The first post about RAT tools on our blog was the tutorial about Spynote. Spynote is also a useful and the best android rat to hack android smartphones remotely. I never get any problem while using this spy note rat tool. I have used this tool many times. It’s really a lightweight tool. You should give it a try too. This android rat is widely famous as best rat for android.

Download and Learn How To Use Spynote RAT to Hack Android Phones Remotely


I will provide you with download links of more best android RAT tools and tutorials to learn ethical hacking. Till then, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and do share your reviews in the comments about which one is best rat for android according to you.

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