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2 Best Methods of SMS Bombing using Android and Kali Linux

SMS Bombing using Android Phone

Step 1 – Download and install bombitup app from their official website (because its not available on play store). This app is free to download and install. It’s not gonna ask you to sign up or pay any fee.

Download Bombitup

Step 2- Open the bombitup app and grant access to required permissions. Its interface is simple, all you need to do is enter the target phone number and number of messages you want to send.

Then finally click on BOMBIT button. It will start sending messages. Sorry! you can’t stop it now.

bombitup android

This app has different option for different countries. For USA, click on three lines options button on top left corner and select option for your country.

Still if this method and app is not working for you in your country or your region then don’t worry because this method which i will share with you next is working and best method for sms bombing and it works mostly.

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