sms bombing tutorial

2 Best Methods of SMS Bombing using Android and Kali Linux

SMS Bombing using Python Script

This method is working and easy too.

Step 1- Open your terminal in linux and use below command to download the script.

git clone

It will start downloading the TBomb script.


Once downloading is completed, navigate to TBomb folder using this command.

cd TBomb

Step 2- We need to install some dependencies first. So, execute below command and it will do that for you.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step3- Now let’s start the script using this command.


It will ask you simple things, enter information step by step like country code -> target phone number -> number of messages -> delay time.

Set delay time to 2 seconds, simply enter 2.

enter phone number

It will start sending messages now.

smsbombing started

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That’s all about sms bombing for now. If first method is not working for you, you can try second method of sms bombing which is easy and always works. More, interesting tips and tutorials are coming. Follow us on Facebook and never miss another update.

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