how to use utorrent in android and pc

How To Use utorrent on Android and PC to Download Movies and Games

How to use utorrent:- utorrent is a torrent client software used to download movies, songs, videos and any file from the internet. In this post, we will see how to use utorrent app in android to download files from a torrent.

But first of all, let’s clear what the heck is this utorrent?

Utorrent is basically free closed source torrent client software by bit torrent. It is also a file sharing protocol that uses peer to peer connection to share files worldwide.  This protocol is used to download large size files because this is a very convenient way to do that and it supports download resume.

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Using utorrent you can download files very easily. It will automatically resume the download from where it was interrupted last time. Download large files, games, movies, videos and much more made easy using this software.

how to use utorrent in android and pc

You can use utorrent on both android and pc, it is available for both.

Let’s see how we will use this software to download torrent files. First, you have to download and get your “.torrent” file; this file contains all the information of the file that you want to download.

Today, most of the content on torrent sites is illegal, because they did not hold the copyright of that content.

You can get torrent files from various torrent services. I have listed some of the best and legal websites to download torrent file very easily without any hassle. Here is your list.

Public Domain Torrents

GameUpdates.Org (Especially for downloading games)

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Academic Torrents (Especially for downloading research and publication papers)

Vuze (Video Content)

1337x Proxy

Apart from these websites, there are some other websites too where you can download torrents. Just Google it.

So now we have our torrent file of content that we want to download, now we need a torrent client for our next step. Of course, we will use utorrent.

Just follow these steps to download torrents using utorrent.

How to use utorrent in Android

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Step 1- Download and Install the utorrent app on Android from below link.

Download utorrent

Step 2-  Open up the app. Oh! let me tell you one more thing. You didn’t need to use any other torrent website to search for torrents. You can use this app’s search feature to search for a torrent.

Just click the search button, enter your query and boom. You will land in your browser with a list of various sites to download torrents.

Download the torrent file from any of these results.

utorrent search torrent

Step 3- After downloading the file, open your file manager and locate the torrent file. Now just click on the torrent file and you will see the utorrent app interface in the next moment.

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You will see a pop up named Add Torrent. Here you can change download location directory and you can also choose which file you want to download.

utorrent download torrent   utorrent choose files to download

And our download will start.

Pretty easy. Is’nt it?

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Now let’s see “how to use utorrent” in pc.

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Let me tell you one thing. The process of using this software on pc is also too easy.

Download and install utorrent software from below link.

Download utorrent for windows

Now, download any torrent file and double click on it, It will directly open in utorrent software and now you can start downloading your file.

You can pause and resume your download at any time or if your download interrupts. If you didn’t have an internet connection, don’t worry, your download will automatically start next time when you will connect your smartphone or pc to the internet.

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If you face any problem while using it, you can ask me in the comment section.

I will soon update this post to tell you about some other features of utorrent software and app.

See, this is how to use utorrent to download movies and games in android and windows pc.

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