Android Security Tips To Keep Yourself Secure

With the increasing rate in users of Android Smartphone, Android security is becoming essential too. Because of the increasing cyber threats like virus, spamming, hacking etc. You will get some important android security tips tricks in this post.

android security tips tricks




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You will be able to keep your Smartphone safe using these tips tricks in very easy and free way. It’s not too complicated and expensive to keep yourself secure.

This is always better to keep your Android security as much secure as possible because you don’t want anyone to mess with your personal data and files. It is very hard in today’s virtual world to trace hackers and thieves.

Today stories like “an android app stole credit card info, a virus deleted my personal files including hundreds of photos, someone hacked into my account” are normal.

But don’t you worry about that, Android security is not that scary as Google is trying to make its Android OS more secure for their lovely users.

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Follow these Android Security tips tricks to make your smartphone even more secure and better.

Android Security Tips Tricks


  1. Disable App Installation from Unknown Sources

Google recommends its users to download and buy apps from its official source i.e. Play Store. As apps available in the play store are always secure, trusted and updated.

So, do not even try to download apps from unknown sources or third party sites as it may contain potentially harmful codes.

Disable app installation from and unknown sources by going to settings.

  1. Use antimalware apps
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It is always better and advisable to use an antimalware or antivirus apps. These types of apps protect you while using the internet and using apps. Nowadays, Android virus and malware are recognized worldwide.

These malware viruses may cause damage to your data and can be used to spy on you.

So always use an antivirus app that helps you to protect you from this malware.

Avast is very good and popular antivirus program for android.

  1. Don’t Connect To Open WiFi Network

Never ever connect to an unsecured wifi network. I know its sound like a treasure to have a free high speed and open wifi network.

But this is dangerous too. Someone can sniff over wifi network and look over your browsing habits. In some cases, hackers also use these types of traps to hack passwords using attacks like the man in the middle.

Always connect to a trusted and secure network.

  1. Setup Android Device Manager

Android device manager is also very helpful in some cases. Using this, you can remotely lock and wipe data on your smartphone and you can even trace when you lose your Smartphone.  It is too easy and fast.

  1. Always use lock

Too simple but necessary, it is important to use a lock for your phone. You can use different types of locks like the pattern, pin, passwords even face recognition is available in new smartphones.

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  1. Rooting

Rooting is beneficial as it gives you superuser privileges and various benefits like installing cool apps and attractive ROMs which gives your phone good look and more functionality.

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But one of the greatest disadvantages of rooting is that it also opens vulnerabilities(loopholes, weaknesses)  in your phone which hacker can use to gain access to your data.

  1. Check App Permissions

App permissions are a crucial part of android apps. Always check permissions of apps while installing them check whether they match what the apps say.

You can control apps permissions in marshmallow and later versions and control what apps have access to.

  1. Encrypt your data

Always use encryption and lock a strong password to secure your data from unauthorized access of any person. You can use third-party apps from play store to lock your phone data like Vault.

  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication For Your Google Account

As you know google account is required at every step in android or approximately in every google service and apps like YouTube, Google Duo etc. It is important to keep your account safe.

Using two-factor authentications you can make your account even more secure. Two Factor authentications ask for Pin after password. So, you need to enter the unique pin along with the password.

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  1. Keep Your Smartphone Updated

It is always important to keep all of your apps and phone up to date. You can make your phone even more secure by updating it. You also get latest features and improved interface by updating.

  1. Backup Your Data (Bonus Tip)

In some cases, it very hard to or nearly impossible to recover data of your data.

I recommend you to have regular backups of your data. This prevents you from losing important data from accidental deletions or data damages by any other apps and viruses. You can backup your data on your computer or in any other portable storage media.

  1. Perform Factory Reset your smartphone when you are selling it or giving away
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Using android security tips and tricks you can immediately improve the security of your android phone.

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