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Best Widgets For Android To Customise Home-Screen

Best Widgets for Android: – When it comes to Smartphone features, Android is a best operating system for any smartphones because of its rich-fullness in features. Bored of seeing old icons for each app whenever you flip your screen, then you should these best widgets for android.

Best Android widgets are mostly used to customize the home screen. Widgets let you open or use any app functionality without opening it. Like music player widget on the home screen can be used to play music without opening music app.

Some smartphones and Android apps have their own built-in widgets that help you see updates in real time without opening it like a cloak, weather, news etc. It is just like a shortcut to access the app’s functionality without even opening it.

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Best widgets for Android used to be one of the great features for Android smartphones. Widgets help you to customize your home screen and improve the user experience. Moreover, they are attractive.

With android widgets, you have all the shortcuts and real-time updates on your screen. Somehow, widgets are not used so much now. But they are still useful as they always remain an integral part of Android OS.

best widgets for android

We have gathered a list of some best widgets for android. So here it goes.

Best Widgets For Android

  1. Minimalist Clock Widget

Minimalist Clock Widgets lets you choose from 20+ clock styles. But if you still don’t feel on your own, you can customize the widget with your color, themes, and appearance. Plus feature, it also shows battery life and weather forecast.

Moreover, you can also set the widget as a shortcut to any app. It is compatible with nearly every Android smartphone of today and it is completely free.

  1. Event Flow

Event flow is a calendar widget with very clean and beautiful design having lots of features and customization options. You can list your important events by day view or month view. Along with, weather forecast feature, you can customize the app with your background, colors and customizable headers.

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It has lots of themes to choose and you can also customize which calendar event to display. It is a free app; you can download it from play store. But some other great features of the app are locked, you can upgrade to the premium version later if you find it more useful.

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  1. 1Weather

1Weather forecast radar is android widget specifically to meet all of your weather-related need. Using this widget you will get real-time updates on your location. You can also add any other location to track and view a weather forecast. This widget is perfect for all your weather-related needs whether you want to check temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar or simply keep up with the current phases of moon and sun.

It has maps with fullscreen zoom feature, various appearance features like background photos and colors or your own custom background with photos.

  1. Battery Widget Reborn

It is one of highly rated and most downloaded battery widget for android with battery widget and additional battery chart widget that shows a graphical chart of the widget. Plus, it also shows battery status panel and notification bar.

It has circle battery level indicator with pure design along with some shortcuts to wifi, Bluetooth, background sync and battery power summary. Its power saving mode lets you automatically save battery power during the night. It has two versions available on play store, both paid and free to download.

  1. HD Widgets

HD Widgets is a quite popular app with 1 million+ downloads having always up to date widgets with latest android design standards. It has a collection of widgets for almost every need or task like weather, clock, calendar, and location etc. It has some add-ons like kairo and colourform that provides you with quite good features for customization.

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It has 50+ settings switches, lock screen widgets and you can just hot spots to open any app, glass gems themes with a package of lots of themes.

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  1. Elixir 2

Elixir 2 is the best system monitoring widget. It comes in a number of different sizes and gives you almost every information about your system that you could think of from CPU temperature to the number of processes currently running and RAM usage status. You can see system screens at one place, display running and recent processes or services, display status bar icons, display sensor information or you can turn on/off sensor and microphone.

Moreover, you can display your every piece of hardware information audio, camcorder, operating system, media effects, java, shared libraries, location, wifi, Bluetooth, battery etc.

  1. Google Keep

Google keep is one of most popular and best note taking app as well as a widget with great functionality.  You can set widgets for your notes and reminders in it. You can add various types of notes like audio note, list, text note etc. Speed and time is the key and this app lets you not compromise with that by quickly capturing notes, reminders, and whats on your mind and share them later with your friends and family.

You can add colors and labels to your notes and quickly organize your notes. You can add any note to your smartphone and it will automatically sync your stuff across all devices like computer, smartwatch wearable, laptops etc. using your google account. You can also set location reminders if you need to pick up your friend or family.

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  1. GReader

gReader is a feed/ RSS reader for android app. You can read all of your RSS feed news in one place using this app. You will always have the latest news in one place. Its offline reading feature lets you read full article content offline.  Along with, text news reading, you can subscribe to podcasts and this app lets you download and stream podcasts.

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Its UI is so clean and simple. Its Text to Speech helps you to listen to text news as audio. It will keep you informed and updated by notifying you of the latest news. You can also share your favorite news and articles with your friends. Another great feature of this is its night mode that helps you to read articles in the night without any problem by setting font color and background to white and black respectively.

  1. Multi-Icon Widget

Multi-Icon widget is also a quite popular best android widget to arrange icons of your favorite apps on the home screen in the widget. It let you add more than any number of app icons and customize your home screen with custom app icons in any number of rows and columns.

  1. Zooper

Zooper is date and time widget which is classy and extremely customizable. It comes with various templates, so you don’t need to download any extra template. Every template has its own custom fonts already included and you can add other fonts too.

Most importantly, you can create your own style with custom fonts, texts, positions and other customization factors. Another feature, it also shows the weather location and battery info of your Smartphone. Zooper is one of the best android widgets.

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Wrapping It Up

So, this was our compiled list of best widgets for android. Give every widget a try and customize your smartphone interface according to your needs using these best android widgets. Share this with your friends.

Also, comment on your favorite android widget and how you customize them.

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