Tips Tricks To Download Large Files Faster

Tips & Tricks To Download Large Files Faster

Are you confused about the internet speed while downloading large files? It’s common for people to face problems while downloading larger files. Without a constant and stable internet connection, you will not be able to download your files quickly. 

Here we are with the best tips for you! It’s not just about increasing your data plan with the service provider. There are other things to consider as well. 

Are you ready to acknowledge the tips for enhancing your fast downloading experience? 

Tips Tricks To Download Large Files Faster

Let’s go for it!

1. Use VPN

A Virtual Private Network is not just helpful for your privacy but also for fast internet. Since it hides your IP address by creating an exclusive network tunnel from the ISP to your devices, it also helps you get an uncongested internet connection.

However, if you are using a VPN for all these benefits, we would suggest you pay for an in-app purchase rather than just using a free one. Some free VPNs could be very shady and use authorized networks from different countries. So make sure you research for the best VPN deals out there.

Now, they will do the job of hiding your IP address but might make your internet connection slower. 

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2. Scan Antivirus

Sometimes slow internet connection can be caused due to a virus infiltration. Always have an antivirus on your device. This will help you scan your device and check for any viruses before you finally get to download it.

Plus, having antivirus software is also helpful after downloading. You can scan the downloaded file to check for any potential viruses before you finally launch them. Download some of the best antivirus software for free from

3. Close All Tabs & Windows

Anything in the background is taking up your internet space, so if you have been working on your system for quite some time and then trying to download a large file.

  • First, switch off your system and restart it after a while.
  • Second, close every tab and window which you have been using for the past few hours.
  • Third, refresh.
  • Fourth, Switch your router on and off.
  • Fifth, now you can start downloading now with a fresh system.

You will automatically see a change of speed for your downloading. Plus, you can also check your settings and close all the background applications which are hogging your internet data.

4. Download One At A Time

If you have too many big files to download, it is tempting to think that you would place all the downloads at once and then simply wait for hours. However, this will cause more problems for you.

Your internet will be divided without concentrating on one download. Then comes the problem with downloading, and suddenly you come after an hour and see that all the downloads are paused.

Just imagine the frustration after this.

Therefore, it is important that you download one file at a time and nothing more than that.

5. Decrease Bandwidth Traffic

If other members of your family are using the bandwidth for other heavy work, this can cause a slow download speed. Therefore, if you are working from home and you have a huge file to download, ask them to be corporate and use their mobile data.

With no other device hogging the bandwidth, you will be able to download the file much faster than before. This is one of the reasons why we need to make your internet bandwidth strong by bypassing the traffic. 

6. Use An Ethernet

The usage of ethernet is a prominent way to increase your download speed instantly. Are you using wifi, right? That’s totally fine, but you will not be able to get the desired download speed with wireless network connections. 

Instead, if you choose to connect your PC with the ethernet in a plugin process, you will have the chance to get the best speed out of the box! 


Because when you are on ethernet, you are not allowing the data to bypass you, and there is only one challenge that is fully used by your PC.

7. Contact Your ISP

At times, you might see that your internet connection is not going up to the mark, and that might be a problem with the downloading process. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might help you in such cases.  

In rain times and other critical circumstances, the internal connection might fluctuate, and your ISP can do a lot for you. So, try to connect with your local ISP and ask them to help you with your internet speed. Y

You can also ask them to increase the package of the internet to make it faster than before.  

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Fast Internet Yet?

Follow these steps and see if the internet is fast enough for you! Do not forget to reach us back if you have any such concerns related to your large downloads. Well, there are many steps, and among them, the most effective are discussed here. 

It’s your time to enjoy your downloading experience through these processes!

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