Top 7 Free Defragmentation Programs

Top 7 Free Defragmentation Programs

If every program takes you a few minutes to open, and any video turns into a slideshow, it’s not necessarily worth running out to get a new laptop or upgrade your PC.

For starters, pay attention to the level of hard drive fragmentation. Defragmentation software can help optimize your file space and speed up your system.

Top 7 Free Defragmentation Programs

As a result, you will be able not only to access sites like Netflix or 20Bet but also to work using harder programs.


The program allows you to defragment your entire drive or specific files or folders but also supports “fast defragmentation” which will help speed up your drive without wasting time.

The application is portable, so you can run it from a flash drive if you need to work on multiple computers. You can also schedule defragmentation.

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Auslogics Disk Defrag

Disk Defrag is not only a defragmentation utility. The application also optimizes the file system and provides a handy list of structured files.

Disk Defrag features automatic defragmentation on a schedule or in standby computer mode.

Since the application is free, there is one drawback: the program tries to change the homepage of the browser to Yahoo Search, as well as install a number of extra extensions.

Ashampoo Magical Defrag

Another great free defragmenter is Magical Defrag from Ashampoo. By the way, the products from this developer are always warmly received by ordinary users, and this utility for defragmenting the hard drive – is no exception.

It belongs to the category of “plug and forgets” programs. The developers themselves emphasize that Ashampoo Magical Defrag works quietly and invisibly, i.e. it starts the defragmentation process only when almost all computer or laptop resources are free. So, you simply will not notice any glitches and brakes.


UltraDefrag is a free, open-source app released under the GNU GPL license.

All that is required to defragment an individual file or folder is to right-click and select Run.

You can also select one of the options after optimizing your system: “Exit Program”, “Wait”, “Hibernate”, “Logout”, “Reboot” and “Shutdown”.

Note that the application has no graphical options window. If you click on the corresponding tab in the program menu, you just open the configuration file. The program is recommended for advanced users.

IObit Smart Defrag

IObit Smart Defrag is a program for defragmenting the hard drive of computers running the Windows operating system. Its great advantage is the fact that after installation it can work in the background mode, that is, all the time, and the optimization of the storage device is carried out periodically.

Thanks to this action we reduce the effects of fragmentation even with continuous file handling. If we decide to use the automatic function of the defragmentation process, the IObit Smart Defrag program icon will appear in the taskbar in the notification area of our computer screen.

The program includes defragmentation on local HDDs and SSDs, as well as on external drives.


MyDefrag is a disk defragmentation tool that is easy to use and hard to learn. The app is simple enough to run it, but there are quite a few subtleties to learn in order to tweak it to your liking.

All aspects of the program are open to change, right down to the command line versions and even the splash screen at startup.

Initially, the utility is a bit slower than its competitors, but once properly tuned, optimizing large files will speed up considerably.

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Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is one of the fastest memory analysis tools. The app supports defragmentation at system boot time. You can also leave the application in the background, where it will work quietly without disturbing the user.

Smart Defrag also knows how to optimize the file system, which maximizes computer performance for comfortable daily activities.

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