Best Android Apps for Mini Games Quick Guide

Best Android Apps for Mini-Games – Quick Guide

Android users are always looking for some fun apps and games to play. So we decided to make this quick guide where we put together a list of mini-games from different genres. They may not have a greater purpose in them, but they are excellent for killing time.

Best Android Apps for Mini Games Quick Guide

Micro Battles

Micro Battles are basically three apps made up of various mini-games. Their main feature is that we can face the friend we have next to us – the so-called couch co-op. So we can play football together, throw axes, shoot at planes, gunslinger duel, racing, etc.

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Lucky Night

Lucky Night is a free gambling lottery android App/game. This means that the app users can play betting games without using real money. Furthermore, the app offers prizes. But how the app makes money? Most likely through sponsors, even the developers don’t confirm that theory.

However, for the app users who want to try a lottery game with real money and wonder where to buy online lottery tickets, many trusted online websites specialize in such games; they just need to search.


Vainglory is a project of talented creators who previously worked on big games for computers and consoles. This is a team network game where we control our heroes and fight against other players. Although there are micropayments hidden inside, the gameplay is pretty balanced for paying users and those who want to enjoy the game for free.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

We choose our favorite heroes and build a team that we will lead to victory. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a classic MOBA, played in real-time, in five-on-five duels. There are several character classes available. In addition, advanced artificial intelligence is implemented in the game.

Heroes Evolved

Another MOBA, this time with beautiful graphics and smooth animations. We use the hero’s unique attributes, use powerful spells and skills, or use hand-to-hand combat – the choice is ours! Choose from over 40 special playable characters and personalize each of your heroes. Furthermore, the game does not hinder the game through the “pay to win” system.

World of Tanks MMO

Team multiplayer shooter (7v7 battles) in which we control a tank. Our task is to destroy the opposing team. Over 300 tanks with different properties can be unlocked in the game. Over 20 other maps are waiting for players, in addition to a vehicle customization system.

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with RPG elements. In this game, we play the role of Arashi, a former ninja who fights to save his son from the hands of the devil. Ninja Arashi has simple yet addictive gameplay. You can develop skills with gold and diamonds collected from enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Speed ​​like lightning! Sonic the Hedgehog is always in shape. You can feel like Sonic thanks to pixel graphics when playing this game. We make loops, collect rings and defeat enemies to save the world from Dr. Eggman.

Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle Adventures allows you to experience a unique adventure. Run, jump and make your way through the breathtaking jungle. Experience an exciting journey thanks to the right combination of fun and discovering the secrets of the location.

And all of this is happening in beautiful visuals embellished with amazing visual effects.

Super Mario Run

Mario is back! This time in a new version and with more excellent graphics. Just like we used to play on the NES or the SNES: we run and jump on platforms, collect coins, and defeat enemies to save Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser.

In the game, we will visit six different worlds. Unfortunately, although the game’s first stages are free, the user has to pay for the following levels.

Hoppy Frog 2 – City Escape

Another interesting platformer. This time we control the frog and travel through various locations collecting treasures along the way. All in retro 8-bit graphics. The second edition of Hoppy Frog is an excellent and free moment of entertainment.

Jetpack Joyride

A game straight from the creators of the famous Fruit Ninja. This time, the game’s main character goes to the laboratory, where he finds a jetpack – hence the title jetpack. Our goal is to collect coins and tokens and – of course – to overcome obstacles and surprises. In addition to the backpack, we can also move around in vehicles.

By carrying out subsequent missions, we increase the amount of cash. Thus, we advance to the following levels, which allows us to improve the backpack and vehicles. Have a nice trip!

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Rayman Adventure

Who does not know Rayman, a creature from the Land of Dreams and the hero of many platformers, who – unfortunately – have their best years behind them. Which does not mean that you cannot spend a few lovely moments with this game on your smartphone.

After all, it has 55 playable characters and over 200 levels, and beautiful graphics.

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