Simple Things You Can Do to be More Secure Online

Simple Things You Can Do to be More Secure Online

As the internet users’ percentage continues to be on the rise, so do the cyber security risks. Cyber threats are so common in India that the government has designed a way to come up with technologies and policies to minimize the potential dangers in the internet space. 

With the increased popularity and use of social media platforms, Indians when betting share their personal information with the entire globe, making it hard to secure important data. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to secure your own identity and private information. 

Simple Things You Can Do to be More Secure Online

Below are some helpful tips to secure yourself when online. 

Erase your browsing history

Your internet history has all the browsing websites you may want to keep a secret. The web browsers keep track of your past activity for a cause. The narrative may come in handy when you want to remember an article you read or restore a tab you accidentally closed. Some do not find this constant tracking comfortable, especially if they share a computer or a mobile phone with someone.

Therefore, it is essential to clear your google searches and make your web browsers more private. Luckily, today’s web browsers have made it very easy to erase your history and wipe away your online tracks.

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Use strong passwords

A popular method of protecting your privacy online identity is paying particular focus on creating strong and effective passwords. In the process of creating a password, go for something that is not predictable or won’t easily be cracked. Avoid using words or numbers that a person can quickly identify with, such as your name, spouse name, child’s name, phone number, or date of birth.

It is prudent to mix up letter, number, and punctuation marks, with a mix of the upper and lower case. In addition, it is quite crucial for you to keep your password a secret, and reasonably change your password a couple of times a year. Parimatch offers you an opportunity to create a strong password to log on to when betting. 

Get an encryption 

It would be best if you got a sign that shows you whether a website is encrypted when making any financial transaction like betting. An app like Parimatch ensures that they focus on two items: The trusted security lock symbols and the extra “s” at the last part of HTTP in the web address bar or the URL.  

When you are on a site that requires credit card information, it is important to note that the “HTTPS” should change to “HTTPS” if it’s a safe website. A lock sign should appear at the bottom left of your browser window or on the right side of the address. These two symbols are crucial and affirm that the site is encrypted, which means that no one will see the owner of the website. Parimatch is an encrypted website so when using it will protect your name, address, phone number, credit card number, or other sensitive information from being accessed by strangers. 

Installation of security suites 

These security programs keep fraudsters and their files from bringing viruses to your computer and getting any information from you. It may include preventing dangerous software such as viruses, spyware, and phishing scams that can be secretly installed when you are using your computer. Get yourself a reliable security program for the protection of your online information. 

Ensure your devices are updated 

If you do not have your devices and web browsers set to automatically update, you should consider turning them on. Updates consist of essential loopholes that may be endangering your devices or programs.

Avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi 

Try as much as possible to avoid accessing unsecured public Wi-Fi on your devices. Most times, the Wi-Fi is free, making one very vulnerable to predatory practices. If you are in a situation you must use it, avoid exposing any compromising information such as social security number or any financial information such as credit card of any website. Using a virtual private network is advisable if you are not at home. This will encrypt the data you send or receive, making it harder to intercept. 

Adopt the use of two-factor authentication.

This process usually needs you to confirm your identity after you have logged in using your username and password. In unique cases, one will be asked to confirm their identity by inserting a code sent to them via a  text to their phone or email. Other times you will be required to answer a security query. This might need you to take a couple of minutes, but it sure does enhance your security and shy away hackers.

Avoid clicking on strange-looking links 

Clicking links from weird links often spread viruses and other forms of malware. Hesitate links with typos and unnecessary pop-up ads. Trust websites like Parimatch to be seamless when in use.

Avoid opening emails from strangers

If you receive a phishing email with malware attached, you do not need to download its attachment, for there is a high chance it might damage your home network causing strange downloads without your knowledge. It is therefore essential to refrain from addressing emails you don’t know of for safety reasons. 

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Staying online may feel threatening, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to guard yourself against online predators treating online interactions similarly, you will treat a stranger walking across the road. Stay safe when betting in India. Parimatch is an accredited and trusted betting site. 

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