Best Mobile Games

The Best Games for Your Smartphone That Are Worth Playing on It

Mobile games have a bad reputation, gamers from “big” platforms treat them with disdain. If you are also a skeptic, you should try titles from the 22Bet login website or these 4 wonderful games for both Android and iOS.

Best Mobile Games

Gwent The Witcher Card Game

Gwent is a card game that appeared in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Back then it was a minigame where you had to assemble your deck of cards and fight your opponent. It was so loved by the fans that they continued to play it even after the main plot ended. The developers from CD Projekt RED listened to the gamers and four years later released Gwent The Witcher Card Game.

If you’ve ever played collectible card games, you already understand the basic mechanics of Gwent. You and your opponent have a deck with different cards: characters, abilities, and weapons. There are a total of six factions in the game, that is, six sets of cards. They are all taken from the “big” video game.

The rest is business as usual: players need to score the most points and win in two of the three rounds. The winner gets the opponent’s main card and the cash prize. To win, you have to be smart and tactical – to build a defense and offense. Each card has its own characteristics, so place them on the table wisely. This game is available on PC, but it’s more convenient to play it on smartphone – the control is perfectly adapted for touch screen. And the tense and fast game is perfect to pass the time on the road.

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Civilization VI

The Civilization series is loved by players around the world. The last part of the series has been unexpectedly released on smartphones and tablets. Prior to that, only the truncated or simplified versions were released on handheld devices.

The player takes on the role of the ruler of a small tribe, his main task – to create their own state and lead it to prosperity. It’s a turn-based “global” strategy in which the player has to monitor the world map, build cities, create an army, fight or trade with neighboring countries, and develop the culture and science of his state

All this is just great to play on a smartphone. Take out your phone in the subway and make a couple of decisions of national importance right on the go – never has it been so convenient to play strategy.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Now old fans of “Star Wars” will wipe away the stingy tears, and newcomers will be surprised – in the early 2000’s came out one of the best role-playing games in the famous universe. It was a real gift for the fans because the game tells the story of a distant galaxy, almost 4000 years before the events described in the movies.

If gamers in 2003 had learned that Knights of the Old Republic would be playable on a bus, they would have gone crazy with joy. Old games don’t work well on modern computers, but they work fine on smartphones.

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This is a great full-fledged role-playing game from the creators of Mass Effect. The player will take part in the war of the ancient Sith and Jedi – and you can take either side. You can go both on the path of evil, and the path of good. It will be necessary to pump his character, make friends, participate in turn-based battles and space battles, to travel the galaxy. In general, plunge into the world of “Star Wars” with his head. This is a full-fledged big game for hundreds of hours, which should be in the pocket of a fan of the series.

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This War of Mine

Another game has migrated to smartphones and tablets from computers and consoles. The player controls the ordinary people who live in a war-torn country. He will have to create a camp, shelter from fire, and make forays for supplies. The game is difficult to play for hours on the computer but is great for short sessions on the subway or bus.

This War of Mine is not an easy or fun game, but it’s entertaining. The player constantly has to solve problems and make moral choices: how to divide supplies, who to let into your shelter, how to distribute resources to have enough for everyone. Should the traitor be punished or spared? Should you plunder a neighboring camp to feed your own? All this is accompanied by fascinating dialogues with the characters, each with their own destiny and their own role in the story.

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