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How to Boost Tech Product Sales with Facebook?

The 21st century is the century of tech. From our everyday lives to complex business decisions to an ever growing online presence, everything around us is facilitated by and governed by tech, be it cutting-edge products or online platforms. 

And with so much new technology being released every year, it’s no surprise that the tech industry is highly competitive. It’s simply not enough to unveil the latest upgrades or invent cool new products – if you want your tech company to be on top, then you have to market it! And what better avenue for tech product marketing than Facebook? 

Not only does it have unprecedented reach, but with Facebook’s insights and analytics, you can refine your marketing streams like never before! 

Here are 5 ways you can promote your tech products on Facebook:

Tech Products

  • Don’t Shy Away from Flyers 

The first step to Facebook marketing is to create a page for your company complete with a suitable profile picture, cover image, and personalized bio as these are some of the first things that your page visitors will see. Once you have the basics set up, then it’s time to get posting. 

You should post a mix of static images and short videos on your page, being sure to give teasers on your products, details on features, and short advertisements depicting them being used in everyday contexts. And if you’re worried about graphics, then PosterMyWall has got that covered with their small business flyer templates

Perfect for Facebook posts, PosterMyWall boasts a large collection of flyer templates that are fully customizable and free of cost. Simply select a design that you like, edit it to match your company’s aesthetics, and put it up on your Facebook page. For a finishing touch, pair your flyer with SEO-optimized captions to maximize reach – your customers will start growing before you know it!

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  • Facebook Stories are your Best Friend

Posts are great, but stories are just as important. From polls to Q and As to daily updates, you can utilize Facebook’s story feature to push out all of this content. Not only do stories have greater reach, but they also help you connect and interact with your audience, giving them a closer look at your brand and all that you have to offer. 

And better yet, you can even host a live session with Facebook’s live feature where you can talk to your followers in real-time. Unveil new products and features, get suggestions from avid customers, and even hold mini-contests where your followers can win exciting prizes. Remember, if you don’t have the resources to post daily, then stories are your saving grace – just check in there daily and you’ll have a customer base like no other!

  • Create Launch Events 

Tech launches are nothing short of exciting. It’s a time when avid customers and followers of your brand rally together to get the inside scoop on the latest product releases and feature updates. And a great way to combine your launch with Facebook marketing is to create a digital event for the launch on your Facebook page! 

Start by creating an image advertising your product launch, pair it with an SEO-optimized caption, and create an event on your Facebook page. As people join to attend the launch, your event will get pushed to a wider audience, effectively helping you expand your customer base. And since new viewers will see your company mentioned alongside their Facebook friend’s name who is attending your event, you’ll benefit from the advantage of trust and authenticity associated with brands that are used by friends and family!

  • Invest in Paid Advertising 

Organic marketing is great, but sometimes you need a little helping hand. And there’s no better option than Facebook’s paid advertising feature. Create a visual, pen an SEO-optimized caption, and set your target audience over various demographics such as age, sex, and location. 

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Be sure to add in multiple variations of your caption and hashtags to run analytics and see which version is performing the best so that you can further streamline your paid advertising efforts. Once your ads are up and running, you’ll soon get a hoard of new customer inquiries in the door – and your ROI will look better than ever! 

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  • Join Tech Groups

Arguably one of Facebook’s best features, subject-specific groups on the platform can do wonders for your tech company’s marketing efforts. You can post about product launches, feature updates, contests that your customers can participate in, and even get customers to post reviews in these groups that other members can interact with. 

If you’re looking to get started with Facebook group-focused marketing, then some of the best Facebook tech groups to join include:

  1. Zinfanite
  2. Wearable Technology
  3. Startup Business Company
  4. New Technology and Gadgets 

Remember, groups aren’t just great for advertising your products but also to build a deeper customer connection and foster a sense of loyalty. Keep yourself open to questions and queries, and try to push out content that would genuinely get your audience interested. Chances are that they’re getting dozens of new group posts over the week, so it’s only the most powerful that are going to stick out!

So, if you’re looking to promote your tech products on Facebook, then these marketing tips are your go to. Just remember to make adjustments according to your brand, and you’ll be good to go!

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