Besides Chess What Fun and Interesting Board Games Can You Try Out

Besides Chess, What Fun and Interesting Board Games Can You Try Out?

Board games used to make our childhoods super fun. From summer holidays to power cuts, we used to enjoy board games. We used to get board games as gifts, play them with our grandparents and siblings, and used to love challenging our cousins over a game of carrom or Ludo, etc. Given the current scenario, people generally enjoy the online versions of board games.

All of us have tricks up our sleeves regarding board games. The online versions are fun to play; the best part is that you can earn money by playing these games. It is needless to say that Chess is one of the best games to flex your brain muscles. The online version is equally thrilling and engaging.

Chess is the one game that is recommended for children as well. However, for playing online Chess, there is an age limit. It is a game that brings people together as well as increases your concentration power. Chess is an educational tool that develops creativity and builds confidence. If you have been facing difficulty related to problem-solving, a game or 2 of Chess daily will surely help you.

Chess helps in improving cognitive skills and pattern recognition too. It increases the attention span by manifolds, which will also help you in other aspects of life. It is a game that increases IQ and memory capacity. If you forget things quickly, the game enables you to think rationally and even prevents Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It has also been a part of our social fabric because it was played at clubs, schools, etc. Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, the demand for online Chess has increased. People enjoy the stay-at-home scenario where they can entertain themselves by playing the online version of the board games. Since the number of coronavirus cases is increasing again, it is wise to stay at home and enjoy these games.

Besides Chess What Fun and Interesting Board Games Can You Try Out

Like Chess, there are a few other games that will help you escape the real world. They will help you unwind your mind at the end of a hectic day.

So here are a few games that you should try.

1. Ludo

Ludo is one of the best board games that we used to play during our childhood. The surge in online Ludo was evident when you used to get requests as soon as the stay-at-home scenario began in 2020. You can download the game Ludo easily from any online site or download an application.

It is a great game, and the rules are also easy to understand. The best part is that you can challenge your siblings or cousins by sending them invites.

Play Ludo and earn money now!

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2. Carrom:

Carrom is yet another game that we are going to talk about. All you need to do is download the carrom game and start playing. You already know the tricks, but it would be better to go through the rules for online carrom.

Carrom also teaches you quick thinking and even sharpens the mind. You must play carrom to get better at predictions and improve your analytical thinking.

It is time to get those board games back.

3. Monopoly:

Monopoly teaches business and enhances your negotiation skills. If you have played the board game version, it is also time to try the online version. It teaches you to manage your finances in a better way. You have to strategize every step of the game.

Monopoly also helps you with decision-making abilities and improves your memory. It is time to relive your childhood just with the help of a few clicks. Remember how excited you were when you used to trade with your cousins and siblings over a board game of monopoly? It reminds you of those fake notes, right?

4. Scrabble:

Scrabble is yet another game that you should try. The online version is as exciting as the offline one. You can start your day by playing a round or 2 of Scrabble to enhance your thinking capabilities. No longer do you need to fight for the newspaper to play Scrabble.

It is readily available on online applications. It will also keep your pressure in check and help you build your vocabulary. If you think you are weak in English and need to improve it, download the Scrabble game now. It works as a therapy for many people as well.

6. Snakes and ladders:

Snakes and ladders were earlier treated as a part of Ludo. However, in the online version, it is a different game. It is easy to learn, and you can also play the free versions.

It increases your attention span and even improves your bonding skills. If you are facing acute anxiety, we advise you to play snakes and ladders.

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7. Mousetrap:

Another board game we will talk to you about is a mouse trap. The online version is pretty good, and you can play it daily. Whether bored at a party or stuck in traffic, provide yourself with that extra adrenaline rush with a mouse trap. It will keep you entertained for hours.

So these are a few games you need to try apart from Chess. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and will start downloading the games after checking their reviews at the earliest. These games will help you win cash prizes and develop cognitive and social skills.

You can never go wrong with all these board games because they have been a part of your childhood. You are already familiar with them. Other games include card games, Sudoku, Code names, etc.

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