what is schema in database

What is Schema in Database? Types of Database Schema and Its Examples

What is schema in database:- Database schema plays a very important role in dbms. So, if you want to learn about dbms, you should probably know what is schema in database.

In this article, we will cover very important topics about dbms schema like what is database schema, purpose of database schema, types of database schema, who and how database schema is created.

Let’s start with very basics.

what is schema in database

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What is Schema in Database

 As you know about human body, we have a skeleton that gives a structure to our body. In the same way, schema in database is a skeleton that gives structure to database. I will explain it further.

As I said, schema is structure of database that explains how the data will be organized in database and how the relationship among them will be associated.

It has formulas of constraints that will be applied to database. It has all the descriptive details of database.

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What is Purpose of Schema in Database

In order to logically group the objects of database like views, tables, procedures etc. we need to create the schema for database.

You can think of it as a container of objects to organize database in very meaningful manner.

For example, suppose, we have to maintain database of big company with tables of HR, Accounting, Products etc. then we can create different schema for each table in database with different data organizing rules.

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Types of Schema in Database

There are two main types of database schema.

Physical Database Schema: – It is concerned with the storage of data in database like files. It defines how the information will be stored in storage.

Logical Database Schema: – It is concerned with the all logical constraints that apply to integrity, tables, and views etc. parts of database.

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How Database Schema is Created

Database schema is mainly created by database designers to help programmers understand the database and make it more meaningful and useful.

Examples of Database Schema

This is an example of database schema design.

example of database schema

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It is a basic introduction of what is schema in database, what id purpose schema in database, types of database schema and example of schema in database.

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