Spotify Stranger Things Mode

Spotify Stranger Things Mode:- Spotify is one of the famous online music playing app which let you listen to best and latest or old songs at one place. Here, we will see what is spotify stranger things mode.

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Spotify Stranger Things Mode

Stranger Things is a Netflix web series. When its second season was released, Spotify applied a new theme to all soundtracks of stranger things album to promote Stranger Things Season 2.

It was just a hidden easter egg to promote the netflix’s stranger things season 2.

This theme just changes the appearance while you play any soundtrack from the stranger things album. This theme was available in the mobile app and desktop app version of Spotify. It was also supported in chrome browser.

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 How to Enable Spotify Stranger Things Mode

Well, it was in 2017 October, I don’t think if this feature is still available. At that time, all you needed to do to see this effect is to play any soundtrack of stranger things album in Spotify and boom and if that would not have worked, you could have enabled it in settings of Spotify app.

In this theme, you will see a lighting effect on the player while you play the soundtrack along with the upside down effect on the screen.

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Well, the bad news is, this spotify stranger things mode is not available now. Spotify will bring more cool fun effects and easter eggs in there app in the future.

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