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Fmovies:- I think the name is enough to give you intro of what this is all about. This is one of the most famous site online these days to watch movies and tv shows. This post is complete review of fmovies and you can get fmovies proxy from here too.

Fmovies, being a famous website over internet for watching movies and tv shows online, more and more fake site are coming online these days with spam, lots of ads, broken links and more annoying thing like this. It also makes it hard to find the real one. Real site of fmovies doesn’t have lots of annoying ads.

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You can watch movies and tv shows online on fmovies with no ads at all, and if there are ads, they are easy to block by installing any adblocker plugin. However, the problem I mentioned above with the fmovies site is not the only problem. Sometimes ago, I do shared with you list of some working sites to watch movies and tv shows online for free. Fmovies is one of them.


Fmovies site is blocked over some ISPs and its not accessible over internet. This post is all about features of fmovies, how to access fmovies and some working alternatives for fmovies site in case this is not working.

I am really fond of watching hollywood and bollywood movies. At the end of the day, I just open my laptop and start searching online for some good movies to watch. But as you know, its hard to find working sites online these days like fmovies. Because govt. keeps this kind of pirated/illegal content banned over internet. This makes it really hard to find some good sites and movies to watch online.

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However, you don’t need to worry about these problems. Because we provide list of working websites on our blog which you can use to download or watch movies and tv shows online easily.

tamilrockers movies download

Fmovies : Watch Movies and TV Shows


Fmovies website is one of the popular site to watch tv shows and movies online for free without downloading or sign up. If you are big fan of watching Hollywood movies and shows online for free like me, then this website is perfect for you.

1337x movie library

You can watch all hollywood movies and tv shows from old to new on this website. This website has a big entertainment collection of watching movies and tv shows online for free and most importantly they always keep their collection updated.

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Talking about interface, this site nailed it. It has really beautifully designed homepage and other feature of site which provides a really good user experience online while watching movies and tv shows online on this site. There are no annoying pop up ads on site or any other kind of ads. It loads faster than most of the movie watching sites online these days.

On the homepage of fmovies, you will see that they have sorted out and categorized their entire collection of movies and tv shows in many ways. It will help you to choose movies and tv shows easily. Interface and user experience because of these things is really good on this site.

On the top of Fmovies site homepage, You can use filters to sort collection by Top Movies, Top TV Shows, Top IMDB Rating and Alphabetically. On right sidebar, you will see all genre of movies and tv shows available on their.

You can choose your favorite genre from here and start watching movies and show online without sign up. Below genre category, you will find some top movies of month which I find really useful sometimes eliminating the need to search online for some interesting movie.

Organization of movies and tv shows on their homepage is pretty nice. You will see list of 10+ top movies and tv shows on the homepage. Then you will section of Movies and TV Show differently below top movies section.

Every movie poster on homepage has IMDB rating on its corner. Which makes it easy to choose best movie from least best movies. Yeah! I always watch movies and tv shows with 6.0+ IMDB rating and these movies or tv shows never disappoint me.

When you click on name of any movie, you will see next page with poster, rating, description and more information about the movies. That’s where you will get link to play or download the movie or show online. You can also watch trailer here.

When it comes to streaming, you will have option of at least two servers to choose from while streaming or watching movie or tv show online on fmovies. If streaming speed and quality is not good, you can simply choose another server to stream or watch movie.

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Same goes with the process of downloading the movie or tv show. If downloading speed is slow or download breaks on one server you can switch and use another server.

While selecting server or link to use while streaming or download movie or tv shows online on fmovies, you will have option to choose from available video quality. Size varies with quality you are choosing.

Fmovie let you watch or download latest or movies easily in HD video and audio quality. You can download or watch movies and tv shows of all countries, languages or genre on fmovies.

fmovies download

You can not only watch movies from fmovies, but you can also save offline or download them easily. You will get lots of server options for downloading and watching movies online on fmovies. fmovies downlaod allows you to download stuff too.

9x Movies Movie Downloading Site

Fmovies Proxy

fmovies proxy

That’s enough intro about Fmovies site and using it to watch or download movies and tv shows online. Now, Fmovies site is banned in lots of places in world over internet. If you are not able to access the Fmovies site, don’t worry. This fmovies proxy will help you to access the site, easily.

With just one click, you can access Fmovies site easily using these fmovies proxy links.

Fmovies Sites

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of sites these days having the fmovies name associated with them. But that doesn’t mean that they are original. Lots of guys over internet are making duplicate of this site. But that also doesn’t mean that they are not useful.

I have seen that in many cases, duplicate sites are way better than original one. Because with these other sites, you will have more options to use when one doesn’t work. Some sites provide HD streaming or downloading of movies and tv shows without ads and they don’t even ask you for sign up.

Here’s list of some working fmovies alternatives and sites you can use.

fmovies se and fmovies to

Lots of addresses of fmovies site that you see online these days are not working or blocked, fmovies se and fmovies to is one them. People still try to access fmovies site using fmovies se and fmovies to domain but they can’t because fmovies site now moved on to new domain or address.

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dvd rockers

I have mentioned new fmovies address on this post which you can use to access fmovies site and start watching or downloading your favorite movies and tv shows online easily. If none of them is accessible to you, there is another method you can use which involve using a VPN app. New link of fmovies site I

[UPDATE] This address of fmovies site is working

News address of fmovies

Latest updates is that, above address of fmovies site was is blocked and not accessible right now. But as you always you can access their website using their new address. You can also find their new address just by searching on google. But i am also mentioning the address here. This is the new link to access

How to access fmovies ?

If you are still not able to access this website using fmovies proxy and other URLs and getting an error that its not accessible. Then I would recommend you to use VPN. It will help you to hide your location and change your IP Address. Which is perfect method to unblock any URL and access it.

There are lots of VPN apps and softwares that you can use both paid and free. If you are using android smartphone, you should use Turbo VPN or VPN Hub. They both are free. You can download and install them from Google Play store.

If you are using windows PC, you can Proton VPN which is my favorite.

Is it safe to access fmovies?

Let me tell you something, nothing is safe these days. We are talking about streaming movies and tv shows online which is pirated and completely illegal stuff on these types of sites. On the other hand, downloading can also cause accidental malware install in your system.

So, I would recommend you to use an antivirus while using these types of sites. Avast antivirus is free and perfect for you. Its free and you can download it from their official site.


Using the above mentioned URLs and new address of fmovies, it will be easy for you to watch and download movies and tv shows online on fmovies site. If fmovies se is not accessible you can use above mentioned methods to access it or you can also use fmovies proxy to access this site.

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