Which Crypto Can Make You a Millionaire

Which Crypto Can Make You a Millionaire?

The popularity of Cryptocurrency has been growing with each passing minute. While Cryptocurrency is not only about one who buys a cryptocurrency and holds it, it extends beyond these boundaries. The main intention of the investor who invests is to see fortunate and high returns. Cryptocurrencies are said to have a market capitalization which is more than 2.2 trillion US dollars. 

As of 2022, more than 8000 Cryptos exist, which has caused many people to purchase Cryptos, as Cryptos have shown promising investment growth in the future.

Which Crypto Can Make You a Millionaire

Here we have mentioned the Cryptos that have the potential to make you a millionaire: 

1. Bitcoin: 

It’s not surprising that Bitcoin is one of the potential investment opportunities one should go for. Bitcoin, which was created in 2009, can be kept as an investment or even exchanged, or you can even convert Cryptocurrency value. One of the main reasons you can do this is that no government controls them like the other national currencies. 

The market cap of Bitcoin has increased to 1 trillion dollars. Though cryptocurrency markets are quite difficult to predict, Blockchain technology has been on a bull run, and its potential to make a million dollars seems quite real.

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2. Ethereum(ETH): 

It has the second largest market capitalization and is considered to be one of the most profitable coins to mine. The Ethereum committee has its Blockchain network that contracts without third-party interference. 

Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum was created to program on its own and is considered a favorite among developers. Ethereum is one of the potential millionaire makers, and it’s a good investment if you want to buy Cryptocurrency.

3. Cardano(ADA): 

A public Blockchain that uses peer review, determines updates and relies on proof of stake for security and validation. It comprises two layers, the settlement layer, which helps in enabling applications on the platform and recording. 

In contrast, the second computational layer is used by developers to decentralize the apps and do business in new ways. Though you think about buying Crypto, you might see a hike in cryptocurrency prices, and the future is bright for potential Cryptocurrency to make you a millionaire.

4. Binance coin: 

An alternative investment for Bitcoin, which the Redditors love. It is one of the largest Cryptocurrencies in terms of volume exchange, and it is native to Binance Cryptocurrency. One might see that the crypto exchange fees are quite low. 

Comparatively, it has the third-highest market capitalization and a potential cryptocurrency that could help you make a millionaire. If you want to buy cryptocurrency, then this could be the one you should start with.

5. Shiba Inu: 

A meme-based Cryptocurrency that has taken over dogecoin with an 800% price gain. Because of its crypto performance in the previous year, it has outperformed many cryptocurrencies. It has the potential to become the next big thing and earns you a million.

6. Polkadot: 

It’s like a Bitcoin cryptocurrency that resembles a token that can be both solid and purchased and converted to exchange Coinbase as a part of your investment plan. It has two primary functions, which include governing tokens and staking them.

7. USD coin: 

A fresh stable coin linked to the US dollar launched in 2018 as a collaboration between Coinbase and Circle. It’s an alternative to the Other US-backed Cryptocurrency like Tether. You can tokenize it to US dollars which are facilitated over the internet and other public Blockchains. 

The advantage of using this is that you use it anywhere in the world. You can convert Cryptocurrency (fiat), which is collateralized. It’s a great opportunity for traditional investors to invest and for those who are looking for better returns.

8. LiteCoin(LTC): 

Started back in 2011 by a former engineer at Google, Charlie Lee. LiteCoin is a better choice transaction because these Blockchains are faster, and confirmation time is comparatively shorter, which makes it rapidly popular.

In this highly volatile crypto market, LiteCoin has high Liquidity and visibility, giving assurance to investors who buy Cryptocurrency. 

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Wrapping Up

These are the top 8 and have shown the most potential to make millions. However, one question lingers in people’s minds: can they buy Cryptocurrency with a credit card? To buy Cryptocurrency with a credit card, one important thing to know is that your credit card issuer must allow crypto exchange, and using a credit card to buy Crypto can be expensive.

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