Ethical Hackers Cheatsheet

Do you want to learn ethical hacking??

Do you want to secure yourself from hackers??

Do you want to know strategies and methods used by Ethical Hackers??

Well, Whatever the reason is. Hackers Cheatsheet is our latest and new ebook/cheatsheet. Which covers tutorials and methods about ethical hacking or cyber security and how to secure yourself from hacker.

Being an Ethical Hacker means keep learning and testing skills. This cheatsheet will walk you through some of the best tutorials and tips used by Cyber Security Experts to learn and test them in safe and secure environment like.


  • Setting Up An Ethical Hacking LAB
  • Phishing and How To Secure Yourself
  • How To Secure Your Facebook
  • Techniques Used by Hackers To Hack Facebook, G-Mail, Twitter or Any Other Social Media Accounts.
  • Android Smartphone Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux and and Metasploit and Countermeasures.

and much more…..

Price – $2.99

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