Best VPN Apps on Android

Best VPN Apps on Android Smartphones

The need to securely access content online and without restriction, has led to an increase in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) by smartphone users. While VPNs are ideal for providing secure communication, you should be wary of free providers. 

Most VPNs are safe because of things like encryption and passwords. However, many could leave you vulnerable to attacks from hidden malware. As a result, we provide some insight into the most reliable VPN apps for mobile devices.


When it comes to VPN services, NordVPN is clearly among the best due to its high level of performance and features. You can be assured that its top-tier security will keep you safe as you surf the web.

Its reliable AES-256 encryption technology makes it an ideal option for accessing restricted sites in countries that prohibit them. It’s no surprise the app remains one of the most used VPN apps in Arab countries. 

Hence, players are able to access several sites that are ordinarily restricted. Whether it’s playing games like the Sims online or accessing roulette and blackjack games. There are also comparison sites that advise you on trusted VPNs to access the best online casinos in the UAE. Likewise, you will find secure and discreet payment options for UAE players and an overview of each casino, and the latest welcome bonus offers. 

Also, if you want to watch movies on the go, NordVPN is a great option because it integrates smoothly with streaming services and torrenting. 

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Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN service provides access to more than 750 servers located in 37 different countries. It also features a dependable no-logs policy and a functional kill switch, and supports IKEv2 and WireGuard protocols. Atlas VPN service focuses on mobile devices, and is perfect for newcomers. 

It has tutorial options so that first-time users may figure out how to operate the program. Those who are new to the process can read up on how to set up a VPN on Android. The speed and efficiency of Atlas VPN, which comes with 10 GB of bandwidth per month, are outstanding.

Surf Shark

When compared to other premium VPNs, Surf Shark is surprisingly affordable, especially considering the quality of service and features it offers. You’ll discover many useful options, including split tunneling, multiple static IP addresses, a kill switch, and a Multi-Hop mode. 

The app ensures your personal information online is kept secure by enforcing a strict policy on user authentication. Likewise, the Surf Shark VPN app will automatically identify the most suitable protocol for your current location and network conditions.


ExpressVPN’s data policy is straightforward to access. There is a vast selection of available locations, with more than 3,000 servers dispersed across 94 different countries. It’s a sophisticated app that doesn’t require any learning curve. 

The servers are entirely RAM-based, and there is a kill switch in case something goes wrong. All of that ensures that your information is safe. In addition, it is the best VPN for streaming video and other content. It means you can access your purchased content from any location.

CyberGhost VPN

With CyberGhost, you can download files with peace of mind. All streaming services can be unblocked. With this, you may safeguard your data and your online privacy by encrypting your connection. As soon as you establish a connection to a new network, CyberGhost will immediately begin protecting you. 

It connects directly to the NoSpy server and boasts over 7,000 servers in over 91 nations. The newest 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption method is also used for data protection. It allows you to link seven devices at once and offers unlimited data transfer. With CyberGhost VPN, you can avoid being a target for hackers and data miners without sacrificing your privacy.

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IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a top-tier, feature-packed premium VPN service. With this service provider, you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding on the servers thanks to their massive fleet of about 2000 spread across 50 data centers. It features an excellent Android app and gives you access to limitless bandwidth. 

It also provides top-tier security and lightning-fast speeds with the aid of the WireGuard protocol. The obfuscation function additionally conceals your VPN activity. With its split tunneling function, the app allows you to selectively route VPN traffic for specific apps.

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